We are now on Tsu, the social network that pays you

The Detroit Water Brigade's profile on new social network Tsu

The Detroit Water Brigade’s profile on new social network Tsu

The Detroit Water Brigade is proud to join Tsū, a months-old new social that shares ad revenue with its users. We’ve already surpassed 3,000 followers on the network, and we hope you’ll join us by clicking this link here. Every supporter who joins us also brings additional royalties to the Brigade — so by using the network you’re already supporting DWB and the people of Detroit!

Our co-founder, Justin Wedes, wrote a blog post today about how Tsu could help Detroiters:

While social network ad revenue sharing is revolutionary in-and-of-itself – Facebook generated $5.1 billion in revenue in 2012 but still charges its users to share content beyond Facebook’s throttling limit – my ears perked when I heard from Sebastian what many Tsū users were doing with the money they earned using social media: donating it back to causes that had set up pages on the site. Charity Water, a non-profit that serves international water-scarce communities, has built 3 much-needed water wells in Ethiopia with the revenues and generations they’ve generated on Tsū alone. My mind immediately turned to Detroit, where disastrous shutoff policies have created first-world water scarcity. Could Tsū help Detroit get the water back on?

He goes on to describe how this could help Detroiters:

Here’s the thing: a full forty-percent of Detroiters lack Internet access at home, neither through a computer nor a smartphone. Even if they wanted to start making money from social media, they wouldn’t have the tools to do it. But what if Tsū itself could change that, by making Internet usage a net income rather than an expense for Detroiters? Like ad-sponsored free Internet in airports or train stations, Detroit could partner with Tsū to provide Wide-Area Network (WAN) Internet access to Detroiters subsidized by their social media browsing. Plus, the e-commerce generated by this expanded access would bring revenue to Tsū’s payment processing company as well as lower costs for Detroiters by opening them up to new markets that don’t price-gouge them.

Let us know what you think of Tsu and if you join we’ll give you a shout-out on our page to welcome you to the network.

In solidarity,

The Detroit Water Brigade Crew

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