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Occupy The Bankruptcy – Our Demands

This is a Call to Action for a sustained campaign of peaceful direct action to end the water shutoffs in Detroit

First Action: JOIN US this Monday at 8:30am on the steps of the Federal Courthouse for a speak-out with families facing water shutoffs. Come share your story and DEMAND with us that US Judge Stephen Rhodes immediately intercede to stop the DWSD shutoff program.

The People of the City of Detroit demand an end to the water shutoffs!

We demand an income-based Water Affordability Plan for all!

And we’re mobilizing to get it.

Monday, September 22nd marks the beginning of a citywide, escalating direct action campaign to end the inhumane treatment of the poor, children, pensioners and the elderly. We will defend our neighbors and our families from water shutoff trucks and water tax lien foreclosures. We will stand in solidarity and fight back with and for those in need.

#WageLove #ShareWater #OccupyTheBankruptcy