Together, we’re bringing an end to the water crisis, while providing:


  • Drinkable Water

    Over the next 18 months we’re stockpiling water by the bottle and by the gallon at our Higland Park HQ and empowering local non-profits to do the same, in order to combat dehydration.

  • Rain Water Collection

    We’re stockpiling affordable rainwater collection systems in order to provide potable water, and water for sanitary use, in order to combat discomfort and the potential for disease.

  • Cold Weather Gear

    With a lack of running water comes a lack of circulating heat, so we’re loading up on cold weather gear to distribute to Detroit residents during the cold weather months.

  • Helpful Information

    We’re writing and publishing documents on the best ways to insulate a home and body, how to bleed a water and heating system, and how to get assistance.

  • Advocacy & Awareness

    We’re advocating for Detroit residents, and spreading the news about the Detroit water crisis both on the ground in Detroit and online around the world.

  • Water Sharing Hubs

    We’ve created a network of water distribution hubs in Detroit’s 7 districts by partnering with local residents, non-profits and religious establishments.

  • Resource Delivery

    We’re creating a network of local and visiting volunteers to deliver resources to the most vulnerable residents including the elderly and disabled.

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