Monthly budget for Family Water providing

Average water consumption for various activities of a family (4 members) with the tax of $5.30 per 1,000 gallons

  • a dishwasher on tap: approx. 13,2 gallons ($69,96)
  • a laundry between 10,5 and 18,4 gallons ($55,65 and $97,52)
  • a wash on the hands, face, and teeth: between 1,3 and 3,9 gallons ($6,89 and $20,67)
  • a wash with the shower for 5 minutes: from 15,8 to 21,1 gallons ($83,74 and $111,83)
  • a wash in the tub (full): between 39,6 and 52,8 gallons ($209,88 and $279,84)

Did you know that?

A dripping faucet consumes about 4,4 gallons in one day, and a toilet about 10,5 gallons a single leaking faucet.

A toilet bowl that loses a single drop per second leads to a water loss of 1.5 cubic meters/month.

If the water leak leaking due to a single faulty faucet or toilet bowl is 3 mm, the monthly loss can exceed 26.8 m3, more than the equivalent of the average water consumption of four people for a month.

A block with about 40 apartments (which enter in the Water Affordability Plan) with taps that lose one drop per second and toilet bowls that lose a stream of water of only 1 mm for 10 seconds reaches a loss of 282.2 m3 / month.