Detroit Hit by Record Breaking Flood Overnight – Help Us Respond

Detroit and surrounding areas were hit with record breaking rain yesterday which caused devastating floods in many parts of the city and outlying suburbs – many roads and freeways are closed today, cars sit abandoned and underwater. 1 woman has died as a result of the flooding.

As a Detroit based relief organization it’s important to respond in any way we can to disasters, both man-made and natural. In that spirit, we are preparing a response team lead by our lead organizer Justin Wedes – we will be pumping out flooded basements, and performing rapid basement clean-outs where we can. If you’d like to help us respond to this disaster, please call 313-279-0608 Ext. 3. If extension 3 is busy or you cannot get through, please call our relief director Danny McGlashing at 313-279-0808 Ext 4, or e-mail

These lines are for emergency assistance and responding volunteers,  for media please e-mail

If you know someone in need of assistance, please send them to us via the contact information above,


Thank you,


The DWB Team