• "The Crossing of The Red Sea" by Nicolas Poussin, 1634

    This Passover, Let’s Recommit to Social Justice

    Photo: “The Crossing of The Red Sea” by Nicolas Poussin, 1634 Each year on Passover, Jewish people the world over gather to recount the story of our exodus from bondage in Egypt. Around the seder table, we rejoice in the presence of close family and read the often-quoted passage from Deuteronomy 15:15: You shall remember […]


    UPDATE – The city announced Friday that in fact it will be continuing residential shutoffs in “mid- to late-April”, while also acknowledging that its payment plan program has not been successful: “a number” of delinquent customers have fallen into default again as rates rise as much as 16.7% this year alone. The failure of this policy to […]

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    Runaway Water Rates and the Case for Nonpayment

    This post originally appeared on JustinWedes.com Find out just what any people will quietly submit to and you have the exact measure of the injustice and wrong which will be imposed on them. -Frederick Douglass, 1818-1895 Water and sewerage rates in Detroit are literally out of control. Rates have risen 119% in the last decade. This […]

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    Detroit Water Brigade Presents: Detroit Huddle Community Gathering

    Contact: Demeeko Williams Political Director, Detroit Water Brigade Cell: 313 915-7089 Email: Demeeko@detroitwaterbrigade.org Contact: At Peace Makita Creative Director Detroit Water Brigade Cell: 313 420-9779 Email: captain@detroitwaterbrigade.org FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DETROIT, MI — The Detroit Water Brigade is hosting a series of Community Town Hall Events to educate, illustrate and motivate residents about the importance of […]

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    One Of Our Founders is Quitting Facebook to Help Detroit

    This article originally appeared on JustinWedes.com About the Author: Justin Wedes is a media activist and community organizer, and co-founder of the Detroit Water Brigade. He has used social media extensively in his work, but has come to believe that most social networks only exploit their users for advertising revenue and surveillance without returning any tangible benefits. […]

  • Demeeko Williams, Detroit Water Brigade

    Detroit News Publishes Water Brigade Op-Ed Response to Kevyn Orr

    After former bankruptcy boss Kevyn Orr attacked the Brigade last week in a speech to the Detroit Economic Club, we came back with this response thanking him for revealing a truth: that the world stands with Detroiter against the water shutoffs! Read our Political Director Meeko Williams’ Op-Ed Response here

  • Volunteers from the Detroit Water Brigade distribute water and advocay at the 2014 Water Affordability Fair.

    The Two Sides of Emergency Management

    On Wednesday, January 27, 2015, in a speech to the Detroit Economic Club at Cobo Hall, former Detroit Emergency Manager, Kevyn Orr, blamed the water crisis on 3 activists with cameras taking pictures at an angle to create the perception there were 200 people. The activists he blamed are called the Detroit Water Brigade (DWB). […]

  • Original Photo: NY Times

    Like Croatia, Detroit Should Cancel Debts of the Poorest

    This post originally appeared on JustinWedes.com Croatia, a small Mediterranean country of 4.4 million, just did an amazing thing: it wiped clean the debts of its 60,000 poorest citizens. Their Deputy Prime Minister, Milanka Opacic, announced: They will be given a chance for a new start without a burden of debt. The move will unfreeze bank […]

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    STATEMENT: Tricycle Collective Evicted from Cobo Hall For Helping Keep Families in Their Homes

    This statement was sent to us by our friends at the Tricycle Collective. Contact them at hello@thetricyclecollective.com or 313-338-9291 This morning, a group of community advocates attempting to help people save their homes from foreclosure were forcibly evicted from Cobo Hall, where the “Show Cause Hearings” were being held. This year alone, 62,000 Detroit properties are in tax foreclosure in the […]

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    The Detroit Water Crisis is Real: A Response to Former Detroit EM Kevyn Orr

    Yesterday, in a speech to the Detroit Economic Club at Cobo Hall, former Detroit Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr told an audience of business and government elites: Some of [the water crisis] was orchestrated. We know that the Occupy Wall Street folks are the folks behind Detroit Water Brigade. Yes, Mr. Orr has ‘outed’ us: we are […]

  • Drain the Debt MEME

    PETITION: Cancel the #DetroitWater Debt and Start Afresh

    Click here to add your signature to our petition. We call on the City of Detroit and the newly-formed Great Lakes Water Authority to cancel the existing debts of Detroit Water and Sewerage customers and start afresh with simple, affordable rates: all customer past-due balances are wiped clean. Last year, Detroit made international headlines when tens […]

  • STOP the water shutoffs


    Last year, the people of Metro Detroit were told that regionalizing the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) would result in a more efficient system and a promise of an annual 4% cap on water rate increases. The Detroit News reports now this promise will likely be broken, and both city and suburbs will again face steeper rates this […]