A Motown Thank You

Detroit D

ear Brigade Volunteers, Gallon-Jug-Luggers, Leaky-Faucet-Pluggers, Human Rights Protectors, Shutoff Truck Blockaders, Water Warriors and Beautiful Dreamers,


Thank you. We don’t say it enough. Thank. You.

We wouldn’t be here without you. A thousand families wouldn’t have drinking water without you. The world would never have known that in the Motor City human beings are losing their most precious source of life because they can’t pay the bill – without you.

You did that.

And it’s working – our massive cry-heard-round-the-world turned the heads of governments and all the way up to the United Nations. The pressure of thousands in the streets, dozens in the jails and millions on the Internet brought Detroit to its knees: the water shutoffs were stopped. Temporarily.

The fight is far from over, but the wind is in our sails now. Detroit is going through a delicate bankruptcy right now, the largest in the history of any U.S. city. The presiding judge said recently:

“Your residential shutoff program has caused not only a lot of anger in the city and also a lot of hardship. It’s caused a lot of bad publicity for the city it doesn’t need right now. It’s a problem that’s affecting this bankruptcy.”

The judge is giving the city until September 17th to negotiate a plan with water rights activists or face a legal injunction to end the shutoffs. We have such a plan. None of this would have been possible without your support, so we made this short video to thank you and inspire you to join us for the next round of this epic battle.

Let’s raise a glass, and a clenched fist, to the human right to water for all!

Solidarity, Demeeko, AtPeace, Justin, Danny, Shu, Mike, and the whole Detroit Water Brigade crew